Electric drill operation safety operation procedures have?
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Electric drill operation safety operation procedures

1. Personal protection when using electric drill

1.1 on face, should wear protective mask. Hole on the cast iron castings to wear protective glasses, to protect his eyes.

1.2 bit holder should be properly installed.

1.3 bit when working in a hot state, burns skin should be paid attention to.

1.4 drill Φ more than 12 mm has a side handle should be used when the hand-held electric drill hole drill.

1.5 work or standing on a ladder work should do well, falling height, the ladder should be ground personnel support.

2, before the matters should be paid attention to

2.1 confirm the site to connect power and electric drill nameplate is consistent. Whether there is leakage protector to pick up.

2.2 bit and holder should be adapted, and properly installed.

2.3 confirm the drill on the state of the switch lock, or when the plug into a power outlet electric drill will surprise turn immediately, which can cause injuries.

2.4 if workplaces in far away from the location of the power supply should be extension cable, enough capacity, should be used to install qualified extension cable. Extension cable, such as through a pedestrian crosswalk should be elevated or measures to prevent damage of cable crushed.

3, the right operation method of electric drill

3.1 in metal material should be first used in the drilling drilling location play little impact and eye.

3.2 when the drill hole larger, with a small drill wear in advance, and then use big bit drilling.

3.3 if you need a long time when drilling in metal certain cooling measures, to maintain a bit sharp.

Drilling cuttings generated in 3.4 it is forbidden to clean up directly with the hand, used special tools sweep.

4. Maintenance and inspection

4.1 check the drill bit

Use slow or bent drill, makes the motor overload disorders, surface conditions and reduce the working efficiency, therefore, if discover this kind of situation, should be replaced immediately to deal with.

4.2 tighten screw drill body check

Before use check up drill mounting screw fastening, if discover the screw loose, should immediately to twist, otherwise it will cause a drill of failure.

4.3 check the carbon brush

The carbon brush on the motor is a kind of consumables, once the wear degree is beyond the limit, the malfunction of the motor will, therefore, the wear of carbon brushes should be replaced immediately, in addition to carbon brush must always keep clean.

4.4 protective earthing line inspection

Protective earthing line is one of the important measures to protect personal safety, thus Ⅰ class instruments (metal case) should be regularly check the shell should be good grounding.

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