The choose and buy electric drill and maintenance need to pay attention to the point!
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With the development of construction industry, the electric drill has been more and more common, but many consumers when buying an electric drill or a hindrance, so how should the choose and buy of electric drill?

1, the electric drill size selection. With the increase of the electric drill size, its price goes up, personally, household electric drill bit size is generally 10 mm is enough. But depending on the individual circumstances.

2, choice of electric drill additional features: the same model, there will be some additional features, for example, the representation of a model of R bit can be positive &negative, its advantage is that when the turn is not convertible into reverse; Models have E said electric drill can speed, when don't need high speed can be adjusted to low speed running, of course the more functions, higher prices will follow. Choose not to choose, see individual be fond of.

3, the choice of product brand. BOSCH (BOSCH) brand electric drill is known to all the best quality, in addition to wei (DeWalt), gains (Hilti), wheat Pacific (METABO), Stanley (Stanley), wei han, Wiha, festo (FESTOOL) and so on are good optional brand, but the price is expensive, especially BOSCH (BOSCH) of the product price is 2 times of other brands of similar products, so when the budget shortfalls, can choose other not expensive, but use effect is good.

4, when you are in the furniture, The Times when see a drill suit in the supermarket sales promotion, but don't mind fever, buy now, want to see the real is not practical, as far as I know, all of the suit is mostly aimed at hand electric drill and impact drill, because their prices are cheaper, get a suit can attract popularity.

In addition to the choose and buy of electric drill, need is in use process of electric drill maintenance methods:

Hand electric drill due to ventilation, cooling the long-term use of internal dust, dust can make the lubricating oil on the gear and bearing (sliding sleeve) mixed with metamorphic blot aggravate wear, especially the alternative use. In order to guarantee the rotating precision of the electric drill, reduce because bearing (sliding sleeve) wear and produce too much clearance, so need to clean the fatliquoring and internal lubrication, for hand electric drill is their own.

Maintenance methods: loosen the drill outside a few self-tapping nails or screws. Flat half shell open, see what's inside the. The structure of the normal hand electric drill is half embedded type, namely all machines, electric element device within the half shell. Be careful to remove the carbon brush, then take the drill chuck this end, then remove the rotor lift motor (don't touch the enameled wire), clear on the rotor commutator (that is in contact with the carbon brush), if it is too dirty or wear much can use first emery cloth polishing metallographic sandpaper sandpaper or with water and light.

Before and after the rotor in the bearing is sealed if can wipe clean can outside, shall promptly replace if seal is broken. Spiral teeth in front of the rotor shaft wipe clean, clear the internal shell oil wipe clean, put the drill chuck lever on both ends of helical gear and bearing (or bush) the wipe clean put off the east east, back to the rotor; Reload drill chuck rod helical gear; With carbon brush and carbon brush if shorter than 7-8 mm to timely change new. Carbon brush pressed pack good, finally find out your "mobil" or the "shell" grease on the gear and bearing (or bush), flatten all parts to be installed after check to cover the other half, to tighten the screws, turn the feeling by hand without binding, can electrify tries to turn.

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