What's the difference between electric drill and impact drill?
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A drill can be divided into three categories: hand electric drill, impact drill, hammer drill.

Minimum 1, hand electric drill: power, use scope is limited to wood drilling and when an electric screwdriver, do not have much practical value, is not recommended to buy.

May 2, impact drill, wood drilling, drilling and drilling iron brick, but cannot drill concrete, illustrates the drilling on some percussion drill concrete, actually it is not feasible, but for drilling the cement in the ceramic tile and brick on the outer layer is very thin is absolutely no problem.

3, hammer drill, electric hammer: can drill holes on any of the material, the most widely use scope.

The three electric drill price from low to high alignment, function also is more, how to select the specific, need to combine their respective applicable scope and requirements.

General electric drill with rotating way only, especially suitable for drilling in need of a small force material, such as cork, metal, brick, tile, etc. Impact drill and impact on spin to work. The impact of the single is very slight, but the impact of more than 40000 times per minute frequency can produce continuous force. Impact drill can be used for natural stone or concrete. They are universal, because they can use the "single diamond" model, also can use "percussion drill" model, so for professionals and for themselves, it is worth to select the basic electric tools.

Impact drill motor voltage is 0 v - 230 - v and 0 v - 115 - v two different voltage, micro switch on-off control and motor speed 2 different speed, equipped with good or poor steering control mechanism, elastic screw and tapping etc. Function. Mainly applies to the concrete floor, wall, brick, stone, wood and multilayer material impact on the punch; Also can be conducted on wood, metal, ceramic and plastic drilling and tapping and equipped with electronic speed equipment for cis/reverse, and other functions.

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