What types electric drill?
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Electric drill is drilling in electric tool, electric drill can be divided into three categories: hand electric drill, impact drill, hammer drill.

1. The hand electric drill: minimum power, use scope is limited to wood drilling and when an electric screwdriver, do not have much practical value.

2. The impact drill, impact drill impact mechanism have fangs and ball type two kinds. Ball type impact electric drill by the moving plate, plate, steel ball, etc. Dynamic plate through threads are connected to the spindle, with 12 steel ball; Fixing use pin fixed on the chassis, with 4 ball, under the influence of thrust, 12 steel ball along the four steel ball rolling, the carbide drill rotating impact movement, can on the brittle materials such as brick, block, concrete drilling. Release pin, make the fixing servo plate rotation, no impact, to make a general electric drill.

3. The hammer drill, electric hammer: can drill holes on any of the material, the most widely use scope.

Electric drill is widely used in building beam, slab, column, wall, such as reinforcement, installation, decoration, wall bracket, railing, billboards, air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners, guide rail, satellite receivers, elevator, installation of steel structure workshop, etc. In medicine used in dentistry, otology. Three drill price from low to high alignment, function also is more, need to combine their respective applicable scope and requirements.


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